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Lovers & Friends

Experimental Type Poster


Experiment in different approaches of typography for an event.

- Expository.                           - Ambiguous
- Representational                - Antithetical
- Sympathetic                        - Biomorphic

Lovers and Friends is a Rnb and Hip Hop music festival that hosts some of the biggest names in the industry. Inspired by the deep culture of black american music, I wanted to acknowledge the roots that these cultural expressions had. Ultimately using a hero font that is based on graffiti, which has been linked with the Black American experience in hip hop. I had also pushed to emote the feeling and expression one would concieve once listening to RnB. 

First Approach

Laid the basic foundations of each theme
Second Approach

Began to integrate, and experiment with color and themes. 
Third Approach
-- Combination of themes that I felt best represented the music festivaL

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