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Greenbelly Barber Studio



An up and coming barber studio in Utah, Greenbelly is a barber studio inspired from the founder’s family heritage in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico.

The name is translated from Panzaverdes, which is a nickname given to the lettuce farmers of Leon Guanajuato.


The identity contains a custom typeface and logomark that is inspired by attributes of a male barber studio and the lettuce farmers of Leon Guanajuato. I wanted to create a contemporary masculine brand that also upheld the charm of the hardworking farmers. 

Color Palette
Logo Mark

Final Logo

Acknowledging the different folds and layers of a lettuce, the circular details also symbolize the sun which is the main source of energy for lettuce farming. It also provides a rustic feel of a stamp which alludes to the hard work of the farmers and personal craft of the barbers at Greenbelly.

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